Different balance boards

Which Balance Board is the Best – A Complete Guide

If you want to improve your balance and coordination, then the balance board is a great option to do so. However, there are many different models. Which one to choose ...
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Balance board for physical therapy

7 Best Balance Boards For Physical Therapy Buyers Guide

During a physical therapy treatment, you may need to perform specific exercises to help you strengthen your body using a special piece of equipment, a balance board. In this guide, ...
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4 Best Wakesurf Balance Boards – Buyers Guide

Having a good balance and coordination is a crucial skill to have for wakesurf. In this guide, I'll review the 4 best wakesurf balance boards that will help you to ...
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Balance board

5 Best Balance Boards For Seniors To Improve Stability

Having good stability and balance can help the elderly safely move around and avoid fall-related injuries. This guide highlights the best balance board for seniors and also provides useful tips ...
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Revolution FIT exercising

5 Best Balance Boards For Core Strength

Well-trained core muscles help support the spine and prevent potential injuries. There are tons of exercises for the core. But to go a step further you can use additional equipment ...
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P&BEXC Wooden Rocker Balance Board

5 Best Wooden Rocker Balance Boards

A balance board is a great tool to train balance and coordination. But for some, it can be challenging to start with. Luckily there are rocker balance boards, they are ...
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6 Best Balance Boards For Standing Desk – Buyers Guide

To spice up, your work routine at the standing desk consider getting yourself a balance board. It's a great way to stay healthy by keeping your muscles flexing and your ...
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Flip jump

10 Best Trampolines for Snowboard Training

Training on a trampoline is the best and safest way to learn new tricks on a snowboard. All professional snowboarders use trampolines for practice. In this article, I'd like to ...
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Longboarding YouTube channels

Longboarding YouTube Channels – MEGA List

Take a break from shredding and watch some videos to get inspired and entertained. I bring you the best longboarding YouTube channels, a MEGA list. This list features longboarding-related channels ...
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