Top 5 Balance Board Benefits For Longboarding

If you’re wondering does a balance board helps at longboarding? The short answer is yes it does! In this article, I’ll share with you 5 top balance board benefits for longboarding.

A balance board is a great tool that allows you to train almost anywhere and anytime. It doesn’t take much space and requires no or low maintenance.

A balance board is aperfect tool for training, it is quiet, doesn’t damage the surface, and leaves no dirt or dust on the floor.

Train during bad conditions

There are times when it is raining or a storm outside, or something else that prevents you from riding. That could last for a while.

If you want to spend this downtime with benefit, you definitely should spend it on a balance board. It will become your longboard and a weapon of choice at home or wherever you are.

You can train balance, tricks, and movements without leaving your home. You’ll keep your body fit and your muscles well trained.

Improve balance and coordination

Sounds obvious but that’s what it does. Many professional athletes use this tool just for this reason, to boost their balance and coordination.

There are multiple exercises for longboarding with different postures and board positions.

You can place the roller both parallel and perpendicular to the board, depending on your abilities. This will give you more challenges to hold the balance.

Train strength and stamina

Apart from balance and coordination, there’s a physical aspect to it. A 20-30 minute workout on a balance board will leave you sweating.

Similar to longboarding, you engage multiple muscle groups when training on a balance board. Core and leg muscles and joints take a huge load during an extensive workout session on a balance board.

That way your body will stay in shape and ready for the next shred session.

Train muscle memory

By performing repetitive exercises and more important movements you’re training your muscle memory. This means that over time:

these movements can be performed faster, more smoothly, and more accurately.


You probably heard the saying “Practice makes perfect”. Well, this is it, by constantly perfecting your skills you become professional. A balance board is not a real longboard but it gets the job done pretty well.

Practice tricks and movements

Last but not least balance board benefit is tightly related to the previous one. The balance board does allow you to practice tricks and movements you can perform on a longboard.

Possibly the most crucial balance board benefit of them all. After all, you’re not just standing still while skating, not always.

There are a variety of tricks you can practice doing like pop shuv-its, kick-flips, ollies, and even 360s.

Balance Board Tricks


The bottom line is the balance board can affect your longboarding skills, in a good way. It is one of many factors you should consider if you’re really willing to improve your longboard skills.

Sure it’s not the real longboard you might argue, and you’ll be right. But the balance board’s main purpose is not to substitute the longboard, but to help you train and use it whenever you cannot ride.

There are many different balance board types available to choose from, however, I’ve put together an article that features the best balance boards for longboarding. Make sure to check it out.

But if you’re on a budget I’ve made a complete list of cheap balance boards on the market for you to choose from.

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