3 Best Balance Board Sets Review for Maximum Performance

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A balance board is a great way to boost yourbalance, strength, and agility. In this article, I’ll share with you the 3 best balance board sets that will improve your balance and coordination skills.

What are Balance Board Sets?

A balance board is a piece of equipment that usually consists of a roller and a board. It is used by professional athletes and enthusiasts to improve balance and coordination while having a little fun.

But since there are quite a few different balance board types some manufacturers offer them in sets. Usually, a set consists of 2 or 3 different fulcrums (or bases) that you can place underneath a board to change the difficulty level.

Revolution FIT 3-in-1 Training System

There are three types offulcrums (or bases):

  • The Rocker base is usually made from high-density foam. It is the most stable base out of all and is perfect for beginners and simple exercises.
  • The Air-cushion base is inflatable, so you can adjust the softness of the base. Cushion acts as a wobble so it’s a little more challenging than the rocker as if moves 360 degrees.
  • The roller base is the most challenging one of all, as it constantly moving underneath the board.

INDO BOARD Original Training Package

The INDO BOARD is one of the first balance board brands on the market. And the INDO BOARD Original is probably the most popular product on the line.

The INDO BOARD Original series is an all-around purpose, roller-type balance board. It also comes in the set with an inflatable cushion. Because of that, it is suitable for the beginner all the way through the advanced difficulty level. Which means you can use it for a variety of activities.

The Indo Board Original Balance Board model includes a 30” x 18” deck that is made from cabinet-grade Birchwood that is finished with a non-slip surface.

A roller is a 6.5” diameter indestructible molded plastic cylinder with three strips of grip tape for better contact with the surface. 

The IndoFLO was designed to introduce balance boards and balance training to everyone. IndoFLO cushion under the deck provides very different levels of instability.

Because the IndoFLO cushion does not move independently of the deck, the product has no learning curve and is safe for virtually anyone.

The package includes a deck, roller, and cushion. Thus making it the ultimate setup. Perfect for beginners who are willing to advance as well as for intermediate to advanced levels. With the full package, you can increase the number of possible exercises and postures by alternating the fulcrum.

Original Indo Training Package
Original Indo Training Package
Deck dimensions30” X 18” (76.2 x 45.7 cm)
Deck thickness0.6” (1.5 cm)
Roller size6.5” (16.5 cm) diameter
Weight limit250 lbs (113 kg)
Deck construction11/16” (27/40 cm) Cabinet-grade, Baltic Birch plywood with a non-slip surface
Roller constructionindestructible molded plastic with three strips of grip tape
Cushion size14” (35.5 cm) in diameter, mouth-inflatable, adjustable
INDO BOARD Original Specs

Yes4All 3-in-1 Set

Yes4All is a well-known fitness brand, which produces tons of high-quality sports and fitness equipment. One of their most popular products is the Yes4All balance board.

Yes4All Balance Board Trainer fits all ages & fitness levels. A hardwood balance board with a PEVA surface prevents slipping or falling. You can easily stand on the board barefoot, but shoes with anti-slip soles help provide even better grip.

Bombproof construction with two added stoppers is designed to help you perform the hardest tricks. You can easily adjust the difficulty of your exercises with 3 different distance options 11, 16, & 22 inches. With the 11″ for beginners.

The full set includes a wooden roller, with an anti-slip TPE cover. The roller works great on different types of flooring, including wood, carpet, cork, and concrete. The rocker base, that is made from high-density foam and is extremely lightweight. And the Air-cushion inflatable base.

With all the features this is still one of the cheapest balance boards on the market. So it’s a good choice if you’re on a budget.

Yes4All 3-in-1 set
Yes4All Balance Board 3-in-1 set
Size29″ x 11″ (73.6 x 28 cm)
Weight limit300 lbs (136 kg)
Roller21.3″ x 4″ in (54 x 10 cm)
ColorsFull Black, Gray/Black, Army Green, Pop Shuvit
Yes4All Balance Board Specs

Revolution FIT a 3-in-1 Training System

The Revolution brand makes one of the best and good looking balance boards there is. The Revolution Fit 3-in-1 Training System is the ultimate set.

The set features three bases rocker, cushion, and roller. The Dura-Soft grip on the top of the FIT makes it a very comfortable board to use. You can go in shoes or bare feet if you are feeling a bit more relaxed.

Rocker – is the most stable option, it allows for beginners to get comfortable using their balance board before moving to the more difficult bases.

The inflated air cushion provides a 360-degree motion which further engages the joints and core muscles. It is mouth-inflatable (no pump needed!) and can be adjusted for difficulty simply by adding more or less air.

The Roller is the most dynamic and the most challenging base, ensuring nothing comes too easily.

Revolution FIT balance board
Size32″ x 14″ (81 x 35 cm)
Weight limit450 lbs (204 kg)
Roller5″ x 18″ (12 x 45 cm)
ColorsBlue, Teal, Yellow
Revolution FIT Balance Board Specs
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