6 Best Balance Boards For Standing Desk – Buyers Guide

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Elevate your work routine at your standing desk with the invigorating addition of a balance board. It’s not just a simple accessory; it’s a game-changer for maintaining your health, keeping those muscles engaged, and ensuring that blood keeps flowing, all while you’re hard at work.

Navigating the world of balance boards for standing desks might seem daunting, but fear not – this guide is here to be your compass in choosing the perfect one.

Within the following list, we’ve carefully curated the most sought-after balance boards on the market, backed by a wealth of reviews and top ratings, primarily from Amazon. These boards are not just popular; they’re designed to elevate your standing desk experience, making sure your health and productivity are always in sync.

So, let’s embark on this journey to find the ideal balance board that will seamlessly integrate into your standing desk setup, transforming your workday into an active and dynamic experience.

Best Balance Boards For Standing Desk Comparison Table
ImageNameSizeWeight LimitLink
FluidStance The Plane Standing Desk Balance Board FluidStance balance board24×12×2.5 in250lbs Shop on Amazon
StrongTek Anti Fatigue Balance Board StrongTek Anti Fatigue Balance Board21.65×14.5×3.3 in440lbs Shop on Amazon
FEZIBO Standing Desk Mat FEZIBO Standing Desk Mat24.61×11.81×2.46 in320lbs Shop on Amazon
Gaiam Evolve Balance Board for Standing Desk Gaiam Evolve Balance Board for Standing Desk27×12×3.65 in250lbs Shop on Amazon
Blue Planet with modules Blue Planet Balance Surfer25×12.25 in500lbs Shop on Amazon
Revbalance Focus Revbalance Focus27×14 in450lbs Shop on Amazon

FluidStance The Plane Standing Desk Balance Board


  • Enhances workplace ergonomics
  • Engages core and lower body muscles
  • Subtle, fluid movements combat discomfort
  • Durable construction for long-lasting use
  • Suitable for various flooring types
  • Environmentally conscious, recycled materials


  • The top deck may show signs of wear
  • May not satisfy those seeking a rigorous workout

FluidStance’s The Plane balance board for standing desks offers an ingenious solution to enhance your workspace experience. While it’s not a hardcore exercise board, it excels at maintaining your focus and promoting subtle movements throughout the day.

One satisfied user noted a marked reduction in lower back pain after incorporating The Plane into their daily routine. Its 360-degree tilt allows effortless side-to-side, front-to-back, and rotational movements, engaging your core and lower body muscles without disrupting your workflow. These micro-movements help combat the discomfort associated with prolonged periods of sitting or static standing.

Durability is a hallmark of this board. Constructed with quality in mind, it remains sturdy underfoot. It’s suitable for various surfaces, performing well on tile, carpet, or hard flooring.

FluidStance’s commitment to sustainability is commendable. While the board’s price point may give pause, it reflects their dedication to eco-conscious manufacturing. The deck is crafted from recycled tire treads, ensuring a comfortable and grip-enhanced surface.

However, some users have observed minor wear and tear on the top deck over time, which could be a concern given the price. Additionally, for those seeking a more challenging balance board workout, The Plane might not provide the intensity they desire.

In conclusion, FluidStance’s The Plane stands out as an exceptional choice for those aiming to introduce movement and ergonomic benefits into their daily desk routine. It may not be the ultimate workout board, but its subtle motions can make a significant difference in comfort, posture, and overall productivity. Consider this investment in your well-being and workplace efficiency.

Deck dimensions24 × 12 × 2.5 in (60 × 30 × 6 cm)
Item Weight7.05 lbs (3.1 kg)
Weight Limit250 lbs (113 kg)
Material‎High-Density Polyethylene
Available colorsStratus, Vapor, Storm, Blue Flash
FluidStance Specs

StrongTek Anti Fatigue Balance Board


  • Alleviates lower back and muscle discomfort
  • Versatile use with or without shoes
  • Engaging rocking motion for active standing
  • Easy storage with a low-profile design and handle
  • Sturdy and durable construction


  • Can become not as challenging
  • Narrow design may limit stance for taller users

The StrongTek Anti Fatigue Balance Board has garnered positive feedback from users, especially those integrating it into their standing desk routines. Here’s why it’s a noteworthy addition:

For individuals with conditions like spinal stenosis or lower back pain resulting from prolonged sitting, this balance board offers welcome relief. Its gentle rocking motion and cushioned surface help alleviate discomfort in the lower back, glutes, and hamstrings.

This board accommodates different preferences; you can comfortably use it with or without shoes, thanks to its cushioned, textured surface.

The subtle rocking motion keeps users actively engaged during extended periods of standing. This movement aids blood circulation, preventing muscle tightness and promoting comfort.

Its practical design allows for easy storage under a desk, thanks to a low profile and smooth underside. A built-in handle makes it convenient to transport between home and office workspaces.

Users appreciate its robust construction, ensuring durability and reliable support.

However, it’s worth noting that some individuals, especially those of taller stature, might find the board a bit narrow, limiting their ability to maintain a comfortable wide stance.

Despite this minor consideration, the StrongTek Anti Fatigue Balance Board stands out as an effective solution for enhancing the standing desk experience. It provides relief from discomfort, encourages active movement, and contributes to overall workday comfort, making it a compelling choice for users seeking ergonomic solutions.

Deck dimensions21.65 × 14.5 × 3.3 in (55 × 36.8 × 8 cm)
Item Weight7.13 lbs (3.2 kg)
Weight Limit440 lbs (200 kg)
Material‎PU Mat + Premium Plywood
StrongTek Anti Fatigue Balance Board Specs

FEZIBO Standing Desk Mat


  • Significant pain relief in feet, hips, and back
  • Comfortable cushioned surface with built-in massage bumps
  • Versatile for various activities, including working and cooking
  • Sturdy construction and durability
  • Engaging rocking motion promotes activity
  • Subtle design and leather hanging strap for convenience


  • Initial adhesive issues with the bottom pad
  • Slippery surface when new, especially with socks

The FEZIBO Standing Desk Mat, featured in the “Best Balance Boards For Standing Desk” category, has earned high praise from users for its ergonomic benefits. Many users have found it to be their preferred choice due to its positive attributes.

Users have reported significant pain relief, particularly in the feet, hips, and back, when using this balance board during extended periods of standing. It provides a more comfortable standing experience compared to traditional mats, thanks to its cushioned surface and built-in massage bumps.

Versatility is another key feature users appreciate. They have found this board suitable for a range of activities, including working at a standing desk, cooking, and even painting. Its durability and sturdy construction, despite some initial adhesive concerns, have been commendable.

Users also enjoy the dynamic and engaging aspect of the board, as its rocking motion keeps them active without being overly distracting. However, it’s worth noting a couple of downsides: some users have encountered issues with the adhesive on the bottom pad, which may lead to peeling. Additionally, a few users found the board initially slippery, especially when wearing socks, though this issue tends to improve with use.

Despite these minor drawbacks, the FEZIBO Standing Desk Mat proves to be a valuable tool for enhancing the standing experience at your desk. It promotes better posture, reduces discomfort, and offers versatility and ergonomic advantages that make it a worthwhile investment.

Deck dimensions24.61 × 11.81 × 2.46 in (62.4 × 30 × 6.2 cm)
Item Weight7.04 lbs (3.2 kg)
Weight Limit320 lbs (145 kg)
MaterialPremium natural hardwood/ High-density latex/ Natural rubber
ColorsAltostratus Gray, Denim Blue, Obsidian Black
FEZIBO Standing Desk Mat Specs

Gaiam Evolve Balance Board for Standing Desk


  • Affordable alternative to pricier boards
  • Versatile range of motion
  • Helpful for muscle balance and calf stretching
  • Lightweight and easy to move
  • Boosts productivity for active users


  • Durability concerns over time, including foam padding detachment
  • Noticeable creaking sound during use

The Gaiam Evolve Balance Board for Standing Desk offers an affordable alternative to pricier options like the Fluidstance boards.

It provides a versatile range of motion, making it an excellent choice for those looking to add movement to their workspace. Users find it helpful for muscle balance, calf stretching, and alleviating discomfort from prolonged standing.

This lightweight board is easy to move and store, making it a practical addition to your setup. It can also boost productivity for those with restlessness, offering a way to stay active while working.

However, some users have reported durability concerns over time, such as foam padding detachment and a noticeable creaking sound during use. Despite these issues, the Gaiam Evolve Balance Board is a cost-effective option for enhancing your standing desk experience.

Deck dimensions27 × 12 × 3.65 in (68 × 30 × 9 cm)
Item Weight6.5 lbs (3 kg)
Weight Limit250 lbs (113 kg)
Material‎Polyvinyl chloride (PVC), Thermoplastic Rubber (TPR), Polyurethane (PU
ColorsGrey, Black
Gaiam Evolve Balance Board for Standing Desk Specs

Blue Planet Balance Surfer


  • Versatile 3-in-1 design
  • Customizable deck grips
  • Engages support muscles during work
  • Varied difficulty levels
  • Ideal for balance and core workouts
  • Durable and well-made


  • Produces creaking noises
  • Potential for splintering in some cases

The Blue Planet Balance Surfer is a versatile, dynamic, and easily adjustable balance board that’s perfect for standing desks. Whether you’re working at your desk or looking to enhance your balance and core strength, this board offers a unique 3-in-1 design with attachable modules for varied difficulty levels.

With three deck grip options (EVA Foam, Clear Skate, and Black Skate Grip) to choose from, you can customize your traction for the ideal experience. The 25″ wide deck, reminiscent of a skateboard, features curved-up ends.

Designed with anti-slip pads on the bottom, this board not only protects your floors but also maintains a quiet workspace.

While some users have noted the roughness of the EVA-topped version, which may require wearing socks, the benefits of this board for balance, core engagement, and overall well-being make it a valuable addition to any workspace or workout routine. Experience a new dimension of productivity and health with this innovative balance board.

Deck dimensions25 × 12.25 in (63 × 31 cm)
Item Weight6 lbs (2.7 kg)
Weight Limit500 lbs (226 kg)
Material‎Wood, EVA Foam
ColorsGreen, Black
Blue Planet Balance Surfer Specs

Revbalance Focus


  • Customizable balance levels
  • Great value compared to pricier alternatives
  • Durable, high-quality construction
  • Enhances posture and core strength
  • Excellent customer service


  • High price
  • The top material could be softer for sock use
  • Some users experienced issues with roller softness

The Revbalance Focus stands out as a versatile and effective tool for enhancing your work routine at a standing desk.

Compared to more expensive options like the FluidStance, the Revbalance Focus offers remarkable value with customizable balancing options. You can adjust the cushion’s air level to tailor your balance challenge without the need for a pump. This flexibility sets it apart.

Unlike the Amazon Basics balance “circle,” which can be uncomfortable after a short period, the Revbalance board allows for all-day use. Its robust construction can withstand the rigors of daily standing.

While the initial board had a minor issue with the rubber feet, Revbalance Focus promptly addressed the problem, demonstrating excellent customer service and professionalism.

This balance board not only adds an element of fun to your workday but also promotes better posture and core strength. You can gradually build up your balance and fitness while staying productive. It’s a fantastic addition to any standing desk setup.

However, some users noted that the top material could be softer for sock use, and a few experienced issues with the roller’s softness. Still, these minor drawbacks don’t outweigh the board’s overall quality and benefits.

Deck dimensions27 × 14 in (68.5 × 35.5 cm)
Item Weight9.9 lbs (4.15 kg)
Weight Limit450 lbs (204 kg)
MaterialHardwood core
Revbalance Focus Specs


What type of balance board is best suited for a standing desk?

There are many different types of balance boards, each with its own traits and for a different purpose. Generally speaking, the main purpose is to improve your balance and coordination.

However, when it comes to standing desks, the purpose of the balance board is more to keep your muscles engaged rather than actively balancing.

After all, you still want to keep your main focus on a task or a job you’re doing, instead of actively moving and trying to maintain a balance. That’s why balance boards for standing desk all have a mellow rocker shape.

For how long can you stand on a balance board at the standing desk?

If you’re just starting out, standing on a balance board for a long period (say 30 minutes) of time can be hard.

It’s a good idea to get used to just standing at your standing desk at first. Then you can switch up standing with the balance board. And gradually increase time while standing on a balance board.

For each person, that period of time may vary. It is said that it takes 21 days to make a habit. When your muscles are trained and used to prolonged load then you should be able to stand on a balance board for as long as your body is able to bear. (Can you just stand working for 1-2 consecutive hours at a desk?)

What are the benefits of balance boards for standing desk?

Working at a standing desk is a proven way to stay healthier. You challenge yourself already by not sitting in a chair.

But standing still in one position for a long period of time isn’t going to make much more difference.

That’s where balance boards come into play. Standing on a balance board will engage your muscles and raise your alertness. In turn, this will:

  • Improve your overall balance and coordination
  • Improve your posture
  • Increase productivity
  • Burn more calories

Does standing on a balance board burn calories?

One of the benefits of standing on a balance board at your desk is burning more calories. Since your body is constantly in a dynamic position, with multiple muscle groups engaged more calories are getting burned than simply standing still.

How to choose balance boards for standing desk?

When choosing the right balance board for a standing desk you have to look out for the following features:

  • Size
  • Materials
  • Price


The size of the balance board deck is going to affect the way you feel and control the board.

Balance boards come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Usually the longer the deck is, the wider your stance can be.

The shape can affect the difficulty, e.g. some shapes are mellow and easy to control, while others are more angled and thus more challenging.

Things to look out for:

  1. the size of the board has to be large enough in order to position yourself comfortably;
  2. the deck has to be sturdy and durable;
  3. the top of the deck has to be covered in grip tape or an anti-slip surface.


The balance board for a standing desk has to be sturdy and durable. That’s why you have to look out for materials the board is made out of.

High-quality materials will ensure the balance board will remain its looks in the long run as well as endure everything that comes its way.

Things to look out for:

  1. high-quality multi-ply wooden or PVC deck (check weight limit);
  2. good grip yet comfortable anti-slip surface on top (possibility to use barefoot);
  3. soft materials on the bottom (anti-scratch and quiet).


Of course, last but not least is the price. You have to perform a simple market analysis to find the best board to match your budget.


When making a final decision on which balance boards for standing desk to choose from, keep in mind three aspects we’ve talked about before:

  • board (deck) size;
  • materials;
  • price.

Balance boards for standing desks are usually simple or have an option to set the “easy mode”. Keep in mind that you can get used to it very quickly, so after a little while, it can become boring. Luckily there are some boards with an option to change the difficulty

Take your time to investigate and compare each one of them before making a final call.

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