7 Best Balance Boards For Physical Therapy Buyers Guide

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During a physical therapy treatment, you may need to perform specific exercises to help you strengthen your body using a special piece of equipment, a balance board. In this guide, I’ll highlight the 7 best balance boards for physical therapy.

Best Balance Boards For Physical Therapy Comparison Table
ImageNameDeck DimensionsWeight LimitLink
StrongTek Rocker Board StrongTek Rocker Board 23.5″ × 15.75″ × 4″ 350 lbs Check prices on Amazon
P&BEXC Rocker Board P&BEXC 17.5″ × 13.5″ 350 lbs Check prices on Amazon
Blue Planet balance board Blue Planet Rocker Board 25″ × 12.25″ 500 lbs Check prices on Amazon
Yes4All Wooden Wobble Board Yes4All Wooden Wobble Board 15.75″ diameter 300 lbs Check prices on Amazon
Yes4All Wobble Board Yes4All Wobble Board 16.34″ diameter 300 lbs Check prices on Amazon
NALANDA Wobble Balance Board NALANDA Wobble Board 16.34″ diameter 660 lbs Check prices on Amazon
Yes4All Multifunctional Balance Trainer Yes4All Multifunctional Balance Trainer 29″ × 11″ 300 lbs Check prices on Amazon

StrongTek Rocker Board

Key features

  • Good beginner’s choice
  • Weight limit up to 350 lbs
  • Doesn’t have moving parts
  • Made out of heavy-duty plywood
  • Has anti-slip/anti-scratch pads on the bottom

The StrongTek Rocker Board, featuring a simple yet effective design, is a valuable addition to any physical therapy routine, offering benefits to individuals with various therapeutic needs.

Its user-friendly, non-moving rocker style makes it ideal for those undergoing physical therapy, aiding in balance and stability improvement without the risk of falls.

The large, easy-grip top surface ensures secure footing, even when used without shoes, and accommodates various shoe sizes comfortably.

Constructed from durable plywood, this board can support up to 350 lbs, ensuring durability throughout your recovery journey.

While it may lack the complexity of some other balance boards, it serves as a dependable tool to enhance overall balance and physical strength during rehabilitation.

However, a few users noted that the non-slip pad can be off-center, potentially causing discomfort without cushioned shoes. Additionally, the treads on the rocker might wear out, especially on hardwood floors, although this may not be an issue on carpeted surfaces. Despite these minor drawbacks, the StrongTek Rocker Board is a sturdy and reliable choice for individuals in physical therapy seeking to improve their stability and strength.

Deck dimensions23.5 × 15.75 × 4 in (60 × 40 × 10 cm)
Item Weight 5 lbs (2.3 kg)
Weight Limit350 lbs (158 kg)
MaterialHeavy-duty plywood
StrongTek Professional Balance Board Specs

P&BEXC Wooden Balance Board

Key features

  • Good beginner’s choice
  • Weight limit up to 350 lbs
  • Doesn’t have moving parts
  • Made out of heavy-duty plywood
  • Has anti-slip/anti-scratch pads on the bottom

The P&BEXC wooden balance board boasts an extra-large dimension (17.5” x 13.5” x 3”), making it suitable for individuals of all ages, including those undergoing physical therapy, and it can support weights of up to 350 lbs, catering to beginners and various user needs.

Its top surface is crafted from premium non-slip materials, ensuring gentle and secure footing, even when used barefoot, reducing the risk of slips or falls during exercise sessions.

For enhanced safety, the bottom features a high-quality anti-skid design, minimizing the potential for accidents. The board’s construction, featuring top-notch wood and high-strength anti-skid padding, prevents any damage to floors or carpets, making it a great choice.

Deck dimensions17.5 × 13.5 × 3.6 in ( cm)
Item Weight5.21 lbs (kg)
Weight Limit350 lbs (kg)
Material‎Hardwood plywood
P&BEXC Balance Board Specs

Blue Planet Wooden Balance Board Trainer

Key features

  • Good beginner’s choice
  • Weight limit up to 500 lbs
  • Doesn’t have moving parts
  • Has a choice of grip surface
  • Has a 3-in-1 design (removable modules)

The Blue Planet Wooden Balance Board Trainer stands out as a versatile and dynamic training tool. Its adaptability makes it a valuable asset in the context of physical therapy.

This innovative board offers a 3-in-1 design that allows users to tailor their workout experience. With attachable fulcrums or modules, it’s easy to modify the intensity of exercises, catering to the specific needs of therapy routines.

The deck provides three distinct grip options: EVA Foam for comfortable barefoot workouts, Clear Skate, and Black Skate Grip. With a generous width of 25″, skateboard-like curved upends, and anti-slip pads on the bottom, it ensures both stability during exercises and floor protection, making it suitable for home-based sessions.

Although some users have mentioned the roughness of the EVA-topped version, this is a minor concern in light of the board’s overall quality and adaptability. The Blue Planet Wooden Balance Board Trainer proves to be a valuable addition to physical therapy routines, facilitating engagement and progress in rehabilitation exercises.

Deck size25 × 12.25 in (63 × 31 cm)
Item Weight 6 lbs (2.7 kg)
Weight Limit500 lbs (226 kg)
Blue Planet Balance Board Specs

Yes4All Wooden Wobble Board

Yes4All Wobble Board
Yes4All Wobble Board

Key features

  • Weight limit up to 300 lbs
  • Doesn’t have moving parts
  • 360-degree rotation and 15-degree tilt angle

The Yes4All Wooden Wobble Balance Board is renowned for its blend of quality, functionality, and affordability, making it an excellent addition to physical therapy routines.

Safety remains a top priority, and this board excels with its anti-skid surface, ensuring a secure grip for users up to 300 lbs on its spacious 15.75-inch diameter.

What truly sets it apart is its versatility. With 360-degree rotation and up to 15 degrees of tilt, it accommodates a wide range of exercises, from lateral movements to circular drills.

Portability is another advantage, thanks to its lightweight design. Whether used at home, in the gym, or discreetly beneath a standing desk at the office, it facilitates effective workouts.

Over time, some users have observed that the sandpaper surface can wear out, resulting in slipperiness. However, a simple solution is applying skateboard grip tape.

While excelling in stability, it may not provide the desired challenge for advanced balance practitioners. Nonetheless, it proves ideal for rehabilitation and those seeking a safe method to enhance balance.

In summary, the Yes4All Wooden Wobble Balance Board strikes an excellent balance between stability, versatility, and affordability. Whether you’re a fitness enthusiast or incorporating it into your training, it’s a reliable fitness tool that yields results, albeit with occasional maintenance.

DeckSolid Wood material
FulcrumPlastic, 3″
Size15.75″ diameter
SurfaceNon-skidding surface
Weight Limit300 lbs
Yes4All Balance Board Specs

Yes4All Wobble Board

Key features

  • Has handles
  • Moves 360 degrees
  • Good beginner’s choice
  • Weight limit up to 300 lbs
  • Has an anti-slip massage surface
  • Doesn’t have moving parts

The Yes4All Wobble Balance Board proves to be a versatile ally in the quest to improve stability and overall well-being, making it a valuable addition to your ankle rehabilitation routine or physical therapy.

This balance board has garnered positive feedback from users seeking enhanced stability, including those addressing various concerns like anxiety or night terrors. Therapists also endorse its effectiveness.

Whether you’re recovering from an ankle injury or dealing with age-related weakening, this board helps strengthen your ankles. You can use it in a doorway or with additional support from a stabilizing barre or chair to improve balance and reduce fear.

However, it’s essential to consider some design quirks. Users have reported noise issues and discomfort due to spikes on both the top and bottom, which might pose a risk to soft surfaces over time.

Furthermore, the pronounced knobs on the top may cause discomfort during extended sessions. It performs admirably on hard surfaces with shoes but may not be the best choice for softer flooring.

In conclusion, the Yes4All Wobble Balance Board is a versatile tool suitable for ankle rehabilitation and physical therapy, offering enhanced stability and balance. Despite some design drawbacks, its effectiveness in various scenarios solidifies its position as a valuable asset for overall well-being.

MaterialsHeavy-duty TPE plastic
Height3.5″ (8.9 cm)
Size16.34″ (41.1 cm) diameter
Section Angle27°
SurfaceSpikes at the surface to prevent slipping
Weight Limit300 lbs (136 kg)
Yes4All Wobble Balance Board Specs

NALANDA Wobble Board

Key features

  • Has handles
  • Moves 360 degrees
  • Good beginner’s choice
  • Weight limit up to 660 lbs
  • Has an anti-slip massage surface
  • Doesn’t have moving parts

The NALANDA Wobble Balance Board stands out as an excellent choice for individuals focused on strengthening their ankles and advancing their physical therapy journey, making it a standout among top balance boards for this purpose.

With its generous 16″ diameter deck, this board offers ample room for various foot placements and ankle-focused exercises. Its textured surface, featuring stimulating bumps, ensures reliable traction, whether used barefoot or with appropriate footwear. While the surface may require a brief adjustment period, it provides therapeutic benefits and tactile stimulation ideal for physical therapy.

This balance board goes beyond ankle exercises, seamlessly integrating into various therapeutical routines. Users can incorporate it for planks, or it can serve as a comfortable seat for meditation due to its ideal height.

Crafted from top-quality, eco-friendly materials, the board guarantees robustness and longevity, prioritizing user safety throughout the rehabilitation process. The board’s 360° range of motion engages and strengthens a broad spectrum of muscles, enhancing the effectiveness of the workouts.

Nevertheless, there are a couple of nuances to consider. The bottom of the board features a bumpy texture intended to safeguard floors but may gather dirt over time. Users with sensitive feet can easily address any surface discomfort by wearing socks during their rehabilitation or workout sessions.

In conclusion, the NALANDA Wobble Balance Board emerges as an exceptional tool for individuals seeking to enhance ankle rehabilitation and overall physical therapy progress. With its expansive design, textured surface, and durability, it proves to be an invaluable training tool. Despite an initial adaptation phase, primarily due to the textured surface, it undoubtedly earns its place as a top choice for individuals committed to an effective and engaging physical therapy experience.

MaterialsStable PP Base and Anti-slip TPE Bottom
Height3.75″ (9.5 cm)
Size16.34″ (41.1 cm) diameter
Section angle24.5°
SurfaceNo-slip grooved surface
Weight Limit660 lbs (300 kg)
NALANDA Wobble Balance Board Specs

Yes4All Multifunctional Balance Trainer

Key features

  • Good price for a set
  • Has 3 difficulty levels
  • Offers a wide variety of exercises

Yes4All’s Multifunctional Balance Trainer proves to be an excellent choice for individuals seeking to enhance stability and overall physical well-being. This board offers various exercise options to accommodate different needs and fitness levels.

Its robust construction ensures safety, making it an ideal workout tool. The 3-in-1 design includes a wooden roller with an anti-slip TPE cover, a foam rocker base, and an inflatable air cushion. This versatility allows for a wide range of exercises targeting balance and strength, which is crucial during the rehabilitation process.

Many users have praised its durability and effectiveness, even with individuals of varying weights. It provides a challenging yet safe workout without showing signs of wear and tear. Those looking to address issues like lower back pain, leg strengthening, and balance improvement will find this balance trainer to be a valuable asset.

Moreover, the price point makes it a cost-effective choice compared to similar products in the market. While some minor assembly issues have been reported, such as stoppers not fitting perfectly, these can be addressed with minimal effort.

In conclusion, the Yes4All Multifunctional Balance Trainer is a valuable addition to anyone’s physical therapy routine. Its versatility, durability, and affordable price make it an excellent choice for enhancing stability and overall physical well-being during the rehabilitation process.

Deck Size29″ x 11″ (73.6 x 28 cm)
Weight limit300 lbs (136 kg)
Roller size21.3″ x 4″ in (54 x 10 cm)
ColorsFull Black, Gray/Black, Army Green, Pop Shuvit
Yes4All Balance Board Specs

How are balance boards used in physical therapy?

First of all, a balance board is a piece of equipment to train balance, however, it can be considered multipurpose physical therapy equipment as well. Many doctors and medical institutions use balance boards in their treatment programs.

That said, if you use it properly and perform specific exercises it can help you improve core strength, balance, and stability. Unlike static exercises, the balance board engages more muscle groups and puts additional load on these muscles.

Balance Board Physical Therapy
Restoring Static & Dynamic Balance through Physical Therapy

What are the benefits of using a balance board?

By training on a daily basis, you can gain and improve the:

  • Core strength;
  • Balance;
  • Coordination;
  • Muscle memory;
  • Ankle mobility;
  • Agility.

Many professional athletes use balance boards in their exercises and workouts. As well as different medical institutions and rehab centers use balance boards to help people restore strength, balance, and mobility.

Risks of using a balance board

A word of caution must be said. Like in any sport, a certain level of risk is involved when exercising on a balance board. The board might slip out from under your feet, and go off balance. To avoid any serious injuries keep in mind these few simple tips:

  1. Always ensure a safe environment:
    • Make sure there’s enough space around you;
    • There’s a soft and dry surface under your board.
  2. Make sure your health and physical conditions are in proper shape;
  3. Ask someone to watch you or assist you if you are a beginner;
  4. Start small and progress over time.

How to choose a balance board for physical therapy?

There are different types of balance boards, each with its own traits and for a different purpose. Generally speaking, the main purpose is to improve your balance and coordination.

When choosing the right balance board for physical therapy you have to look out for the following features:

  • Size
  • Materials
  • Rocker type
  • Price


The size of the balance board deck is going to affect the way you feel and control the board.

Balance boards come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Usually, the longer the deck is, the wider your stance can be.

The shape can affect the difficulty, e.g. some shapes are mellow and easy to control, while others are more angled and thus more challenging.

Things to look out for:

  1. the size of the board has to be large enough in order to position yourself comfortably;
  2. the deck has to be sturdy and durable;
  3. the top of the deck has to be covered in grip tape or an anti-slip surface.


The balance board for a standing desk has to be sturdy and durable. That’s why you have to look out for materials the board is made out of.

High-quality materials will ensure the balance board will retain its looks in the long run as well as endure everything that comes its way.

Things to look out for:

  1. high-quality multi-ply wooden or PVC deck (check weight limit);
  2. good grip yet comfortable anti-slip surface on top (possibility to use barefoot);
  3. soft materials on the bottom (anti-scratch and quiet).

Rocker type

Rocker type is another property to look out for. You can choose either a rocker or a wobble-type balance board. Both rocker and wobble can differ by a number of options starting from shape and ending with a material.

Different rockers and wobblers provide different levels of complexity when it comes to maintaining a balance. This is possibly one of the main features to look out for when choosing between different balance boards for physical therapy.

Last but not least is the height and shape of the rocker. It is going to affect how easy or hard it will be to maintain the balance on the board.

Things to look out for:

  1. the roller has to move smoothly underneath the board;
  2. the wobbler has to be mellow in shape to move smoothly.


Of course, last but not least is the price. You have to perform a simple market analysis to find the best board to match your budget.


If your goal is to improve your overall physique and train balance and coordination, then the balance board is a great piece of equipment for you.

They are light and small in size as compared to other pieces of fitness equipment. And it is a fun yet challenging way to diversify your PT treatment routine.

This list of the 7 best balance boards for physical therapy was composed of various types of boards, to give you an idea of how different they can be and possibly make the best choice for yourself.

NOTE: The tips provided in this article are not medical advice. Make sure to consult with your doctor or physician about balance board usage.

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