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The GoofBoard, created by Ebb & Flo, is a balance trainer specifically designed for surfers. This GoofBoard review will share with you the features of this unique balance board.

NOTE: Unfortunately Ebb & Flo, the brand behind the GoofBoard balance board, is no longer in operation, and their website is no longer available as of June 9, 2023. While the GoofBoard was a valuable training tool for surfers and balance enthusiasts, it may no longer be accessible for purchase. However, you might still find it through third-party sellers or consider alternative balance boards with similar features to continue your training and fitness journey.

Goofboard website is unavailable
Goofboard website is unavailable
Goofboard website from web archive
Last snapshot of Goofboard’s website from web archive

GoofBoard Review

The GoofBoard was created in 2009 by a surfer named Armin Brown. After a long way of research and practice, Armin perfected his invention to provide the best simulation of surfing.

GoofBoard is a surf-specific balance board. It was made to improve your surfing skills while having fun balancing, in other words, it was made:

for surfers seeking to enhance style, fluidity, and grace in and out of the water.


The Ebb & Flo board serves as an excellent surfing training tool for both new riders – improving their balance, and experienced surfers – looking to refine fundamental skills.

This board stands out from the rest with a unique approach. It uses a rail-to-rail motion, giving the surfer a much more realistic experience than balance boards.

My first ever product review! Ebb and Flo Board
GoofBoard Review | Surf Trainer

There are multiple benefits to the balance board, especially for one like Goofboard. By practicing balance regularly you’ll improve your surfing skills as well as strength, agility, and coordination.


The deck is 44 x 15 inches and made out of 9-ply birch plywood. Which makes it the longest balance board on the market. This kind of length enhances the feeling of standing on a surfboard. Also, it gives you the ability to practice tricks like cross-step and hang ten.

The top of the deck features stylish graphics and unlike other balance boards, it is varnished. This gives a smooth and pleasant feeling to your feet.

At the bottom of the deck, there are four stops. These stops prevent the board from slipping out. You can place the deck both parallel and perpendicular to the roller.

Goofboard – The Classic in Motion


The roller is 37 x 4 inches in size. The length of the roller allows you to place it both ways. Initially, it is meant to be placed parallel to the deck for more of a surf feel.

The roller is made from high-density recycled materials. It is strong, sturdy, and earthy, with bamboo end caps. Bamboo is a sturdy but soft material, which means it won’t scratch surfaces and is quiet when it rolls.

Ebb flo by goofboard unboxing


Deck dimensions44″ x 15″ (111.7 x 38 cm)
Deck thickness0.6″ (1.5cm)
Roller size37 X 4” (44 x 10 cm)
Weight limit450 lbs (204 kg)
Deck construction9-ply birch plywood with a smooth and varnished surface
Roller constructionhigh density recycled materials
GoofBoard Specs


  • Simulates surfing with a rail-to-rail ride
  • Longest board on the market
  • Made from durable organic materials


  • Can be difficult to start with for beginners
GoofBoard front
GoofBoard top
GoofBoard back
GoofBoard bottom
Ebb & Flo Surf Balance Board – Keeps the kids off the screens
How to Ride a GoofBoard in 90 Seconds


The GoofBoard Balance Board by Ebb & Flo, a unique surf-specific training tool, provided an exceptional experience for surfers and balance enthusiasts. However, it’s important to note that Ebb & Flo, the brand behind this remarkable board, has ceased its operations, and their website is no longer available as of June 9, 2023.

For those intrigued by the concept of a balance board that offers a realistic surf-like experience, the quest doesn’t end here. While the GoofBoard may no longer be in production, diligent search efforts on various online marketplaces, such as eBay and similar platforms, may yield a chance to acquire this exceptional balance board. Alternatively, one can explore other balance boards designed to enhance balance, coordination, and strength for a variety of sports, including surfing.

Embrace the spirit of surf training, style, and strength, and keep riding the wave of balance and fitness, whether in the water or on solid ground.

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