Ebb & Flo GoofBoard vs INDO Board PRO

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Ebb & Flo GoofBoard and INDO Board PRO are arguably the best balance boards for surfing. Both of these balance boards are well suited for surf training, but how are they different?

In this guide, I’ll try to highlight the features of these two great products as well as provide a side-by-side comparison to show the difference between Ebb & Flo GoofBoard vs INDO Board PRO.

Ebb & Flo GoofBoard

NOTE: Unfortunately Ebb & Flo, the brand behind the GoofBoard balance board, is no longer in operation, and their website is no longer available as of June 9, 2023. While the GoofBoard was a valuable training tool for surfers and balance enthusiasts, it may no longer be accessible for purchase. However, you might still find it through third-party sellers or consider alternative balance boards with similar features to continue your training and fitness journey.

Goofboard is developed and designed with the surfer in mind by the Ebb and Flo brand. They focus their design only on a single balance board model and molded it to perfection.

This board stands out from the rest with a unique approach. It uses a rail-to-rail motion which gives the surfer a much more realistic experience compared to balance boards.

Goofboard was made by the surfers, for the surfers. You can practice a number of surf movements that will improve your surfing skills.


The deck is 44 x 15 inches in size and is made out of 9-ply birch plywood. Which makes it the longest balance board on the market. This kind of length enhances the feeling of standing on a surfboard. Also, it gives you the ability to practice tricks like cross-step, pop-up and hang ten.

The top of the deck features nice graphics and unlike other balance boards, it is varnished. This gives a smooth and pleasant feeling to your feet.

At the bottom of the deck, there are four stops. These stops prevent the board from slipping out. You can place the deck both parallel and perpendicular to the roller.

The roller is 37 x 4 inches in size. The length of the roller allows you to place it both ways. But initially, it is meant to be placed parallel to the deck for more of a surf feel.

The roller is made from high-density recycled materials. It is strong, sturdy, and earthy, with bamboo end caps. Bamboo is a sturdy but soft material, this means it won’t scratch surfaces and is quiet when it rolls.


INDO Board is a well-established company that specializes in balance board manufacturing. It is probably the most recognizable balance board brand out there. And the INDO Board Pro balance board is designed specifically for surfing.

The INDO Board Pro balance board is a boardsports-oriented roller-type balance board. Initially, it was designed specifically to allow advanced surfboard riders to learn to cross-step.

This balance board features an extended-length deck which is a perfect choice for tall people or the ones who prefer a wider stance.

Indo Board Pro Surf Classic – Surf Training | Cross Stepping

The INDO Board Pro model includes a 43″ x 15″ deck which is super long. Such length allows you to can train cross-step and other surf exercises with ease.

It is made from 11/16″ cabinet-grade Baltic Birch plywood that is finished with a non-slip surface. It can hold up to 300 lbs (136 kg) of weight.

On the bottom of the board, there are two ledges on the sides to prevent the board from slipping out. These ledges are not removable though.

A roller is an 8.5″ diameter indestructible molded plastic cylinder with four strips of grip tape for better contact with the surface.

Ebb & Flo GoofBoard vs INDO Board PRO side-by-side

SpecsINDO Board PROEbb & Flo GoofBoard
ImageIndo Board ProGoofBoard front
Size43″ x 15″44″ x 15″
Weight limit300 lbs450 lbs
MaterialBaltic Birch plywood9-ply Birch plywood
ColorNatural/Sunburst/Surf ClassicNatural
Roller diameter8.5″4″
Roller width21″37″
Top surfaceNon-slip surfaceVarnished
StopsYesYes (adjustable)
Best forSurfingSurfing
Country of originUSAUSA
PriceCheck prices on AmazonCheck prices on Amazon
Ebb & Flo GoofBoard vs INDO Board PRO Comparison table


To improve your surfing skills and overall balance and stability, both of these boards do a good job.

Both INDO Board and GoofBoard are well-known and respected brands and their boards are made from high-quality plywood and are built to last. The length of these boards allows for a wide stance and a variety of surfing exercises and tricks.

INDO Board has years of experience producing balance boards and thousands of satisfied customers with many different models. Their main advantage over GoofBoard is a non-slip surface that works great both with shoes and barefoot as well as a sturdy PVC roller that is built to last.

Ebb & Flo GoofBoard is a modern board made using the latest technologies and creative ideas. Its main advantage over INDO Board is attachable stops on the bottom that won’t allow the board to slip. As well as a long roller that has a smaller diameter thus making it more stable when placed parallel to the board.

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