Indo Board Pro Balance Board Review

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Indo Board is a company that specializes in balance board manufacturing. It is probably the most recognizable balance board brand out there. And the Indo Board Pro Balance Board is designed specifically for surfing.


The Indo Board Pro Balance Board is a boardsport-oriented roller-type balance board. Initially, it was designed specifically to allow advanced surfboard riders to learn to cross-step.

Indo Board Pro Surf Classic – Surf Training | Cross Stepping

This balance board features an extended length deck which perfect choice for tall people or the ones who prefer a wider stance.

The length of the Pro model also makes it quite a versatile balance board. It can be placed both parallel and perpendicular to roller for more complex exercises and tricks.

Because of that, it is suitable for the beginner all the way through the advanced difficulty level. Which means you can use it for activities such as:

  • Balance and coordination training;
  • Fitness and strength workout;
  • Core and stability training;
  • Rehabilitation and therapy;
  • Learn and practice tricks;
  • Improving muscle memory;
  • Boardsports alternative.

The founder of Indo Board Hunter Joslin is showing the capabilities of Indo Board Pro model:

Sick Indo Board Tricks at IdeaWorld 2014

The Pro model is a favorite among Indo Board fitness trainers for use in specific board sports training for Surfers, Skateboarders, Wake Boarders, Snow Boarders, Wake Surfers, Snow Skiers, Water Skiers, Wind Surfers, Kite Boarders, Stand Up Paddle Boarders, and Foil Borders.

For its qualities, I’ve featured INDO Board Pro in the best balance boards for surfing list.


The Indo Board Pro Balance Board model includes a 43” x 15” deck that is made from cabinet-grade Birchwood that is finished with a non-slip surface.

On the bottom side, there are two ledges to prevent the board from slipping out. The deck is about 0.6” in thickness.

Finally, it has nice graphics on top featuring an Indo Board logo for aesthetics and a warning notice. The decks are available in 3 different colors.

Indo Board Pro – Indo Board Balance Trainer


A roller is an 8.5” diameter indestructible molded plastic cylinder with four strips of grip tape for better contact with the surface.

The roller is black with two stickers on the sides.


The IndoFLO was designed to introduce balance boards and balance training to everyone. IndoFLO cushion under the deck provides very different levels of instability.

Because the IndoFLO cushion does not move independently of the deck, the product has no learning curve and is safe for virtually anyone.

It’s 24” in diameter, mouth-inflatable, adjustable.

Indo Board Balance Cushion Getting Started | IndoFLO Basics for Beginners


Deck dimensions42” X 15”
Deck thickness0.6”
Roller size8.5” diameter
Weight limit300 lbs
Deck construction11/16” Cabinet-grade, Baltic Birch plywood with a non-slip surface
Roller constructionindestructible molded plastic with four strips of grip tape
Cushion size24” in diameter, mouth-inflatable, adjustable
Board Specs

Indo Board Pro Packages

The Indo Board Pro model comes in three different packages. That way you can select the one that best suits your needs.

INDO BOARD Pro Balance Board

This one includes only a deck and roller. Suitable starting from intermediate level to train balance, stability, core strength, coordination, and the agility needed in everyday life as well as in sports.

Indo Board Pro
Indo Board Pro

INDO BOARD Pro with cushion

This package features only deck and Gigante cushion, no roller. This package is best suited for beginners. Unlike the roller, the cushion doesn’t move which makes it more stable. Use this set to begin training your balance and coordination.

Indo Board Pro with cushion
Indo Board Pro with cushion

INDO BOARD Pro Training Package

The package includes a deck, roller, and cushion. Thus making it the ultimate setup. Perfect for beginners who are willing to advance as well as for intermediate to advanced levels. With the full package, you can increase the number of possible exercises and postures by alternating the fulcrum.

Indo Board Pro Package
Indo Board Pro Training Package


Indo Board Pro Balance Board is an awesome balance board for board sports training. However, its design is suitable also for all-around purposes like fitness and other sports.

This board should satisfy all your needs whether you’re a pro board sports rider or enthusiast, professional athlete, martial artist, yoga practitioner, or just want to improve your balance skills.

It will challenge you for a long time and will provide tons of fun and good times. If you’d like to improve and maintain your balancing skills in the long run this is the choice for you.

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