30+ Indoor Halls for Snowboarding Around the World

There are over 30 indoor halls for snowboarding all over the world. I’ll try to list all of them sorted by continent and country.

The indoor hall is a perfect facility to practice skiing and snowboarding skills in the offseason.



Africa has surprised by the first and only indoor hall. Ski Egypt has 5 different runs that vary in difficulty, from the beginner slope to more advanced runs. Various off-piste activities are available.

Snowboarding classes at Ski Egypt

Homepage: https://skiegy.com/contact-us/

Location: Giza, Egypt


Harbin Wanda Indoor Ski and Winter Sports Resort

It is claimed to be the largest indoor hall in the world. With 6 runs and overall 3km of slopes for all difficulty levels, the longest one is being 500m. It has 2 chairlifts and a magic carpet to take visitors to the top.

Inside the Largest Indoor Ski Resort In The World

Homepage: http://wandarealmresort.cn/

Location: Harbin, China

Sayama ski resort

Although Sayama ski resort is an indoor hall it operates only during the winter season, usually from mid-fall to mid-spring. It has one single slope of 300m long and two lifts.

Sayama Ski indoor Snowboarding Tokyo, Japan

Homepage: https://www.seibu-leisure.co.jp/ski_web/

Location: Tokorozawa City, Saitama, Japan


The SNOVA SHINYOKOHAMA slope size is 60m in total length, 30m in width and 10 to 14 degrees inclination. It has a good snowpark with lost of features. For the lift, it uses a magic carpet.


Homepage: https://snovashinyoko.co.jp/

Location: Yokohama, Kanagawa, Japan

Ski Dubai

The only indoor hall in the Middle East is located in Dubai. It has 5 different runs of varying difficulty and length, the longest run of 400 m, and one chairlift to take visitors to the top. Off-piste activities are available in Ski Dubai.

Snowboarding in Dubai – Ski Dubai 

Homepage: https://www.theplaymania.com/skidubai

Location: Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Woongjin Playdoci Snowdoci

The only indoor hall in South Korea has a 200 meters main slope, a beginners slope and a snowpark for snowboarders.

Indoor Ski Park, Seoul Korea [Woongjin Playdoci Waterdoci]

Homepage: http://www.playdoci.com/

Location: Seoul, South Korea


Snow Valley

Snow Valley has 3 runs, each for different skill level. Big Track is 350m long, Boarders Paradise is 85m long with park features like rails, boxes and jumps, and a 100m long Practice Piste for beginners.

Snowvalley (Peer, Belgium) 04-08-2013

Homepage: http://www.snowvalley.be

Location: Peer, Belgium

Ice Mountain

Ice Mountain is a large multifunctional complex. The ski and snowboard hall has two runs one is 210m long with snowboard park features on and an 85m long beginner slope. Besides ski and snowboard, Ice Mountains offers various other activities.

GoPro: Freestyle snowboard clip 2014, Ice mountain comines belgium

Homepage: https://www.ice-mountain.com/

Location: Comines-Warneton, Belgium

Snowboarding Tunnel

This is quite an unusual indoor hall, as it consists only of a half pipe. The Tunnel is 80m long and 20m wide. The height of the Tunnel allows performing even the most complex jumps. The Snowboarding Tunnel is designed for all the family to have fun, so for younger visitors. There is also a possibility for snow tubing in the Tunnel.

Indoor halfpipe @Vuokatti

Homepage: https://www.vuokatti.fi/en/Activities/Vuokatti-Slopes/Vuokatinrinteet?id=ac6f4279-f438-466c-9ab7-412f361ad953

Location: Vuokatti, Finland


The Snowhall is claimed to have the longest indoor run in the word, 620m long and 35m wide. It offers several spaces and is suitable for all levels. Snowhall also has a beginner slope, a toboggan run for the little ones, a tubing zone, a big track, and a snowpark for freestylers. 

Vidéo One Shot Snowpark Snowhall – Association Butter Knife

Homepage: https://snowhall-amneville.fr/

Location: Amnéville, France

alpin center Bottrop

Alpin center Bottrop can challenge other halls to have the longest runs in the world. It has a 640m long run for professionals as well as a slope for beginners. Apart from winter sports, it offers various other activities. 

Alpincenter Bottrop indoor ski slope Review 1

Homepage: https://www.alpincenter.com/bottrop/en

Location: Bottrop, Germany

alpin center Hamburg-Wittenburg

Another Alpin center in Germany has 3 different runs, with the longest being 330m and 80m wide. This indoor hall has a comfy chairlift to take you to the top.


Homepage: https://www.alpincenter.com/hamburg-wittenburg/en

Location: Wittenburg, Germany

Snow Dome Bispingen

Snow Dome in Bispingen offers about 300m and about 60m wide slope (including 100m beginner slopes). It operates a 6 person chairlift on the main slope and a magic carpet on the beginner’s slope.

SNOWDOME Bispingen 2017

Homepage: http://www.snow-dome.de/

Location: Bispingen, Germany


Jever Fun Skihalle has 2 slopes. The main slope is 300m long with a snow park and a 4 person chairlift and a 100m beginner slope with a magic carpet.

Chill and Destroy Tour 2014 – Jever Fun Skihalle Neuss

Homepage: https://www.allrounder.de/

Location: Neuss, Germany

Snow Arena

The one and only indoor hall in the Baltics. It has a 460m long and 50m wide main slope with 4 person chairlift and a 150m long and 40m wide beginner slope with a magic carpet.


Homepage: http://www.snowarena.lt/

Location: Druskininkai, Lithuania

SnowWorld Landgraaf

SnowWorld in Landgraaf has 3 slopes, snow park, 10 lifts including 5 drag lifts, 4 magic carpets, and a rope tow. The longest slope is 300m.

Landgraaf Snowworld Snow Park

Homepage: https://www.snowworld.com/

Location: Landgraaf, Netherlands

SnowWorld Zoetermeer

SnowWorld in Zoetermeer claims to be the largest indoor winter sports resort in Europe. It has 5 slopes, snow park, 8 lifts including 4 magic carpets and a 6-person chair lift. This is the only indoor FIS Rennstrecke in the world.

SnowWorld Zoetermeer Snowboard SlopeStyle 2020

Homepage: https://www.snowworld.com/

Location: Zoetermeer, Netherlands

Skidome Rucphen

Skidome Rucphen has 3 different slopes, the longest one is being 160m it also has a snow park and an Air Bag. Each slope has its own lift. Other activities are available on site.

Shaka Sessions Skidome Rucphen

Homepage: https://www.skidome.nl

Location: Rucphen, Netherlands

Skidome Terneuzen

Skidome Terneuzen has 2 slopes and a snow park, the longest slope is 220m. Other activities are also available on site.

WEEKEND – Indoor Snowboarding

Homepage: https://www.skidome.nl

Location: Terneuzen, Netherlands

De Uithof

De Uithof offers a slope of 211 m, a beginner slope, four lifts, a snowpark and a ramp with a BigAir Bag. Other activities are also available on site.  

De Uithof Den Haag indoor ski slope Review 2

Homepage: https://www.deuithof.nl

Location: Den Haag, Netherlands


SnowPlanet has two slopes including a 100m slope for beginners and a steep 230m slope for advanced skiers and snowboarders with the snow park. 

Snowplanet 2015 | Amateur edit | Snowboarding

Homepage: https://www.snowplanet.nl

Location: Velsen-Zuid, Netherlands

Montana Snow Center

Montana Snow Center has a beginner slope and a 140m slope for advanced skiers and snowboarders. 

Center Parcs Kempervennen Montana Snowcenter Review #3

Homepage: https://www.montana-snowcenter.nl

Location: Westerhoven, Netherlands


SNØ indoor hall is still under construction but will have 505m long alpine ski track and 1 kilometer long cross-country skiing track suspended from the roof. 

Parkcheckout: SNØ med Norsk Tipping-teamet

Homepage: https://www.snooslo.no

Location: Lørenskog, Norway


The Snej.com is the only indoor hall in Russia. Is has a 400 meters long slope with two chairlifts for advanced level and a snowboard park. For beginners, there is a 54m long slope with a separate lift.

СНЕЖКОМ Красногорск 2020

Homepage: http://www.snej.com/

Location: Moskovskaya oblast’, Russia

Snowzone Madrid

Madrid SnowZone has the main slope with a length of 250 meters, 55 meters wide, and another slope of 100 meters long and 40 meters wide, perfect for beginners. Other activities are available on site.

Estación de esquí Madrid Snowzone. Análisis.

Homepage: https://www.madridsnowzone.com

Location: Madrid, Spain

Chill factore

Chill Factore features a 180 meters long and 100 meters wide slope, 40 meters long beginner slope. It also has a 40 meters long snowboard park. Other activities are available on site.

Freestyle Snowboarding Sessions at Chill Factore

Homepage: https://www.chillfactore.com/

Location: Manchester, UK

Snozone Castleford

This is a small indoor hall with the main slope being 150m long and 35m wide with two lifts, making it ideal for training and develop your skills. It also features a small snowpark.

The Snozone Castleford Moose Noodle Jam- 21st April 2017

Homepage: https://www.snozoneuk.com/castleford/

Location: Castleford, UK

Snozone Milton Keynes

The Milton Keynes is an indoor hall with one main 500 meters long slope, 2 lifts and one magic carpet. Just like its counterpart in Castleford this one has a snowpark.

Friday Freestyle at Snozone MK

Homepage: https://www.snozoneuk.com/miltonkeynes/

Location: Milton Keynes, UK

Snowdome Tamworth

Snowdome Tamworth is a small indoor hall with one 170 meters long slope and two lifts. It also has a beginner slope and a snowpark. Various FreeStyle events take place in the snowpark. Other activities are available on site.

#PlanksGrassroots Tour 2019 Stop 3: SnowDome, Tamworth

Homepage: https://www.snowdome.co.uk

Location: Tamworth, UK

Snow Centre

Snow Centre indoor hall has a 160m long main slope and 2 smaller beginner areas – 25m and 30m long. There’s a separate area for snowpark. It has a total of 4 lift. Other activities are available on site.

Thursday Freestyle – Thursday 12th March

Homepage: https://www.thesnowcentre.com

Location: Hemel Hempstead, UK

North America

American Dream

The first and only indoor hall in North America and the USA. It has a 240 meters long main slope with a snow park and a comfy chairlift. Other activities are available on site.

Review of Big Snow at American Dream: North America’s First Indoor Ski Slope

Homepage: https://www.bigsnowamericandream.com/

Location: New Jersey, USA


Snowplanet Silverdale

Probably the most remote indoor hall in the world located in New Zealand. Snowplanet Silverdale has a 200 meter slope as well as a snowpark with rails and jumps.

Max Parrot – Snowplanet NZ

Homepage: https://www.snowplanet.co.nz

Location: Silverdale, New Zealand


Indoor halls are scattered accross the world, in different continents and countries. So when you’re planning your next travel keep that in mind. The country you are going to visit might just have one.

That’s all of the indoor halls I could find, tell me in the comment section if I missed something.

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