Orbsoul Balance Board Review

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The Orbsoul balance board is a sturdy and durable piece of training equipment that is built to last. It is made from all-natural materials and can be used in a variety of ways.

Orbsoul Balance Board Overview

Orbsoul is a Canadian company that makes sports equipment. Among the variety of their products, I’d like to focus on their balance board.

This balance board is of high-quality production. Only natural materials are used to build this balance board, at the same time the company is committed to the environmental cause.

It is a multi-purpose balance board, which means you can use it for training:

  • balance and coordination;
  • overall fitness;
  • core strength;
  • rehabilitation;
  • board sports;
  • martial arts;
  • hockey;
  • yoga.

Finally, the Orbsoul balance board will serve you well for a long time because it comes with a lifetime warranty.

Orbsoul balance board key features:

  • Weight limit up to 600 lbs;
  • Full traction board surface;
  • Offers a wide variety of exercises;
  • Two stoppers on the sides;
  • Cork roller that is quiet and doesn’t scratch;
  • 6 colors to choose from.


Every board is handcrafted with precision and care. The deck is cut from the finest Canadian Maple Hardwood and has a unique and beautiful finish. Constructed with 7 layers of hardwood you can be sure it will hold up to 600 lbs.

The deck is 30 x 11 inches in size, which is a pretty standard size for a balance board. You should be able to position yourself comfortably on top of the board.

The full-traction board surface provides ultimate stability and comfort for you with or without shoes. The bottom of the deck is equipped with two durable safe-guard roller stops, which will prevent the board from slipping from underneath you.


The roller is made from 100% all-natural high-density cork from Spain. It makes the roller super light, so it is easy to carry around. The fine-grain composition of the roller structure ensures a smooth ride and comfortably glides over any surface. It is quiet and won’t leave any marks or scratches on the floor.

The roller is slightly wider than the deck, so you can comfortably position yourself on the roller and make maneuvers safely while rocking.

Designed with a Soft-Touch velvet finish, your roller doubles as a Massage Roller and can be used on its own for a variety of beneficial exercises and deep muscle stretches.


Deck Size30″ x 11″ (76.2 x 28 cm)
Weight limit600 lbs (272 kg)
Roller size13″ x 4″ in (33 x 10 cm)
MaterialsCanadian Maple Hardwood
Orbsoul Balance Board Specs
Orbsoul balance board


Made from natural materials with high-quality production this balance board can surely give a head start to many products of the same kind.

The bottom line is that the Orbsoul balance board is a great choice if you’re willing to start practicing balance and coordination. It is a sturdy and durable board that comes at an affordable price.

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