The Revolution 101 Balance Board Review

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Revolution 101 Balance Board Trainer is one of the most popular roller type balance boards out there. I’m going to cover all the aspects of this balance board you need to know.

The Revolution Balance Boards has been for quite some time on the market. And with the Revolution 101 Balance Board Trainer was one of the first products of the company has since gained authority amongst people and professional athletes.

Revolution 101 – The Walkaround | Balance Board Tricks


The Revolution 101 series is an all-around roller-type balance board. You can use it to train for a variety of board sports (skateboarding, snowboarding, surfing, wakeboarding), fitness, hockey, martial arts, skiing, golf, yoga, and general balance training.

101 Balance Board Specs
101 Balance Board Specs

This balance board is suitable for all levels of difficulty starting from beginners all the way to advanced. Due to its unique design which allows for a smoother rocking and a better grip.

People favor this balance board over others because the 101 board is made from lightweight yet heavy-duty composite materials and is built to last. It has a weight limit of up to 400 lbs which is more than most of the roller-type balance boards.

Revolution 101 Balance Board Benefits

Revolution 101 Balance Board has a variety of benefits:

  1. You will develop the balance that can translate to sports performance, improved exercise technique, and a more balanced lifestyle.
  2. Balance board workouts engage the whole body, especially core muscle groups, and legs.
  3. It’s so much fun you may not even know you are getting such a good workout until after the fact!
  4. You can incorporate the exercises you already know and the equipment you already have.
  5. Great for Injury prevention and rehab, especially on joints.


Revolution 101 on Carpet
Revolution 101 on Carpet

The deck is made of solid multi-ply hardwood. On top, it has a Durasoft Traction surface which provides a great combination of cushioning and grip.

You can stand on it both barefoot and in shoes. It won’t scratch you or your floors like the sandpaper-type grip you find on many other boards.

On the bottom, the board has two roller grip strips for a better grip and stability. As well as two bombproof roller stops to prevent the board from slipping out.


Revolution 101 Balancing
Revolution 101 Balancing with Shoes

The roller is made out of urethane and has a carpeted type of material layered over the plastic, to make it roll easier. The carpeted material is soft thus doesn’t scratch the floor or leave marks. Also, it makes it a little bit quieter when you roll.

Roller diameter is 4.5 inches which is relatively smaller than the other rocker boards rollers. That makes it easier for beginners both psychologically and physically (to start balancing).


Size30 x 12 in (76 x 30 cm)
Weight6.77 lbs (43 kg)
Weight limit400+ lbs (181 kg)
Roller diameter4.5 in (11 cm)
ColorsBlue, Green, Eco, Black
Revolution 101 Balance Board Specs
Revolution 101 Balance Board
Revolution 101 Balance Board with Roller


To sum up, this is a great all-around balance board both for beginners and experienced athletes.

It is lightweight and small in size which is perfect for transportation and storing. The roller is soft and moving quietly and smoothly. The deck has optimal size and comfortable to stand on.

If you favor convenience, design, and quality this is the perfect choice for you.

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