Revolution FIT Balance Board a 3-in-1 Training System Review

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Revbalance (formerly known as Revolution) is a well-known brand with some of the best products on the balance boards market. I’d like to review the ultimate 3-in-1 training system – the Revolution FIT balance board.

Revolution FIT balance board overview

This balance board is called a training system for a reason. Revolution FIT includes three types of balance boards: rocker, wobble, and roller.

Each type is represented by a corresponding base. Each one of these bases represents its own difficulty level and functionality. Which makes it one of the most versatile balance boards.

Revolution FIT balance board
Revolution FIT 3-in-1 Training System

Revolution FIT is a wide-range balance board and has many uses. Starting from fitness (like the name states) all the way to boardsports, hockey, martial arts, yoga, and more.

This board’s true power lies in three bases. You can easily switch the bases during one workout session. It is a perfect choice for professional athletes, with one balance board instead of three.

Beginners also should consider this board as the rocker base allows for a smooth and easy learning curve, with a large way for further improvements. That’s the reason I’ve featured this board on the best balance boards for beginners list.

Revolution FIT Balance Board Exercises


Balance FIT training system has several advantages and benefits:

  • The weight limit is above average at 450 lbs (204 kg);
  • Combine 3 balance boards in one;
  • Includes full digital guide (Tips, Exercises, Workouts);
  • 5-star global rating with 350 reviews on Amazon;
  • 3-year full replacement warranty;


Revolution FIT has a 32 inches long and 14 inches wide board with smooth rounded edges. The top of the board has the Dura-Soft grip that will provide more comfort standing barefoot or on your hands.

The bottom of the board features two removable roller stops. They provide additional control and safety, by preventing the board from slipping out. Detach stops for a wider range of motion and more advanced exercises.

This board is made from high-quality materials with a premium reinforced construction and can hold up to 450 lbs (204 kg). This means that you can use additional equipment on this board, like weights.


The Revolution FIT system allows you to quickly adjust the difficulty and type of motion on the fly.

3 different bases are included. All bases strengthen core muscle groups, improve stability, reflexes, recovery speed, and of course, balance.

All three bases are made from high-quality materials and can be used on any surface. They won’t scratch or damage floors and don’t produce much noise.


The most stable option, the rocker allows beginners to get comfortable using their balance board before moving to the more difficult bases.

Creates a simple left-right balance motion. Great for beginners and for learning new exercises.

Air cushion

The inflated air cushion provides a 360-degree motion which further engages the joints and core muscles.

Creates a 360-degree wobble motion, and is versatile enough to handle any exercise.

It is mouth-inflatable (no pump needed!) and can be adjusted for difficulty simply by adding more or less air.


The Roller is the most dynamic and the most challenging base, ensuring nothing comes too easily.

It creates a dynamic side-to-side rolling motion. This base is the most advanced and the most challenging.

Once you become more advanced, this will quickly become your favorite option.


Size32 x 14 in (81 x 35 cm)
Weight limit450 lbs (204 kg)
Roller5 x 18 in (12 x 45 cm)
ColorsBlue, Teal, Yellow
Revolution FIT Balance Board Specs
Revolution FIT balance board


Revbalance design and handcraft every board from premium materials, right in the USA. Every aspect of this board has been refined over many years as Revolution continues to improve its craft.

The Revolution FIT Balance Board can be used by anyone right out of the box, but will also provide a challenge to even the most seasoned athletes and trainers down the road.


No matter what are your goals, the Revolution FIT balance board will help you achieve them.

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