Revolution Swell 2.0 Balance Board Review

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Revolution Balance Boards make one of the most outstanding balance boards on the market. They’re known for the slick design and the high quality of their products. Revolution Swell 2.0 is not an exception.

The design of this balance board is made to satisfy surfers and SUP riders’ needs. However, anyone is able to use this board for training.

Revolution Swell 2.0 | Surf and Paddle Balance Board Trainer

Revolution Swell 2.0 balance board overview

Revolution Swell 2.0 has a longer roller and a longer deck, which means when placing the board parallel to the roller will give you the riding sensation that surfers will appreciate. You can place your feet in a wider stance for more stability, as well as to practice the cross-step and a pop-up with ease.

Surf Balance Board Cross Step
Balance Board Surf Pop-Up Tutorial

Surfers, Paddle Boarders (SUP), Wakesurfers, Kiteboarders, and Longboarders are going to love this balance board. Unlike the majority of the balance boards, this one has some unique qualities that water sports athletes are going to enjoy. I even included this board in my best balance boards for surfing list.

Beginners will also love this balance board thanks to the adjustable MagSwitch Stops system. The stops can be placed closer to each other for a shorter rolling distance. Experts going to appreciate it also, for the maximum difficulty level stops can be removed completely.

Visually the board has nice aesthetics combined with smooth shape and form. If you favor design and looks maybe it is your best choice.


Besides the practical benefits for surfers, Revolution Swell 2.0 has few nice features and benefits as a product:

  • The weight limit is above average 450 lbs (204 kg);
  • Comfortable Grip Surface;
  • Adjustable Roller Stop System;
  • Includes full digital guide (Tips, Exercises, Workouts);
  • 5-star global rating with over 320 reviews on Amazon;
  • 3-year full replacement warranty;


The deck is 35.5 x 14.5 inches in size. It is made out of solid multi-ply hardwood. With Durasoft Traction surface on top which provides a great combination of cushioning and grip for your feet.

The bottom of the board features two removable roller stops, the MagSwitch Stops system. They provide additional control and safety, by preventing the board from slipping out. Detach stops for a wider range of motion and more advanced exercises.

This board is made from high-quality materials with a premium reinforced construction and can hold up to 450 lbs (204 kg). This means that you can use additional equipment on this board, like weights.


The roller has a huge length of 29.5 inches and is 4.5 inch in diameter. This allows placing roller both ways for more challenge and variation.

The roller is made out of urethane and has a carpeted type of material layered over the plastic, to make it roll easier. The carpeted material is soft thus doesn’t scratch the floor or leave marks. Also, it makes it a little bit quieter when you roll.

Placing roller parallel to the board will give you more of a surf feel, and will give you a change to practice surf like movements. Placing it perpendicular is a basic position how most people train on a balance board. That way you’re still able to perform fitness exercises without sacrificing functionality.


Size35.5 x 14.5 in (90 x 36.8 cm)
Weight limit450 lbs (204 kg)
Roller4.5 x 29 in (11.4 x 73.6 cm)
ColorsMidnight (Blue), Reef (Teal)
Revolution Swell 2.0 Specs
Revolution Swell 2.0
Revolution Swell 2.0


All in all with the Revolution Swell 2.0 balance board, you can train overall balance, strength, and coordination. This is a great board for both beginners and professional athletes, as it allows performing movements of any kind of difficulty. And with the MagSwitch Stops system, you can control that and make adjustments as needed, unlike other popular brands.

Watersports athletes are going to especially love this board as it is well suited to perform various advanced exercises, specific movements, and tricks like hang ten, cross stepping, and noseriding.

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