Snowboard Training Board Review – Must Have to Train Tricks

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Embrace the next level of snowboarding mastery with Snowboard Addiction, a renowned name within the snowboarding community, celebrated for its cutting-edge training boards.

Setting the standard in snowboard training equipment, Snowboard Addiction offers the ultimate tools to not only sustain but elevate your skills, allowing for the dedicated practice of tricks even when off-piste.

Dive into a world of innovation and progression as we explore the exceptional features that make Snowboard Addiction boards the go-to choice for riders committed to advancing their snowboarding prowess.

Snowboard Training Board overview

Snowboarders all over the world choose Snowboard Addiction training boards as the way to improve their riding, including pro-riders like Max Parrot, Seb Toots, Lucille Lefevre, Jamie Nicholls, and Sven Thorgren.

Max Parrot
Seb Toots
Lucille Lefevre

If your plan is to improve and maintain your snowboard skills especially in the offseason or in non-riding conditions, this snowboard training board is a way to go for you.

With the help of Snowboard Addiction training boards, you will be able to:

  • Learn new tricks;
  • Polish old tricks;
  • Train in a safe environment.

It is relatively easy to use, so you can quickly get the hang of it. It’s super fun and super effective when mastering tricks.

She Learned 10 Tricks In 10 Minutes!

Snowboard Addiction training boards come in two types:

  1. Tramp Training Board
  2. Jib Training Board

Tramp Board

This snowboard training board is designed specially to train on trampolines. You can practice any jump trick you’d like to learn on an actual snowboard.

“It allows you to build muscle memory in a safe environment”

Snowboard Addiction

The board has a reverse camber which gives you maximum pop on the trampoline while maintaining the realistic feel and flex of a snowboard. 

It’s completely covered with 1cm of EVA high-density foam so you’ll have tonnes of grip when jumping on a tramp.

With a 4/10 flex rating, this board is able to bend better into the bounce on your trampoline.

For the comfort of the riders, the board has a four-hole mounting system, so you can set the stance in the exact same position as your actual snowboard.

“The Tramp Board is perfect for riders of all levels. Whether you’re learning the 6 basic grabs or working on your Rodeos or Double Corks, the Tramp Board will help take your riding to the next level. Using the Tramp Board on a trampoline will allow you to continuously try the trick you’re learning, speeding up your progression”

Snowboard Addiction

Train on a trampoline and improve:

  • Air and spatial awareness;
  • Balance, coordination, and timing of your tricks;
  • More style, consistency, and confidence with your tricks.
Snowboard Addiction Tramp Training Board Product Video


Max Recommended User Weight220lbs (100kg)
AgesNo age restrictions (Kids – Adults)
Dimensions39.17″ Long (99.5cm) – 9.69″ Wide (24.6cm)
Weight3.3lb (1.5 kg)
Stance12.5″ – 23.5″ (31.75cm – 59.69cm)
Tramp Training Board Sizing

Jib Board

The Jib Training Board is made especially to practice your jib skills. It’s the perfect training tool for an off-mountain box or rail training.

The board has a reverse camber which gives you the ease of sliding on boxes and rails and improves the maneuverability and butterability of the board.

The base is covered with a P-Tex just like a real snowboard base, it’ll give you the most realistic experience possible combined with maximum style.

A 9/10 flex rating gives this board a nice stiff feeling meaning that you’ll be able to press harder into your tips and tails.

Just like the Tramp Board this one also has a four-hole mounting system, so you can set the stance in the exact same position as your actual snowboard.

“The Jib Board is perfect for intermediate to advanced riders. Whether you’re learning 50-50’s or Front Blunt 270 Out’s, the Jib Board will help take your riding to the next level.”

Snowboard Addiction

Use the Jib Training Board to improve the following jib-specific skills:

  • Trick timing, balance, and style;
  • Muscle memory to consolidate old tricks;
  • Creativity and confidence to learn new tricks.
Snowboard Addiction Jib Training Board Product Video


Max Recommended User Weight220lbs (100kg)
AgesNo age restrictions (Kids – Adults)
Dimensions39.17″ Long (99.5cm) – 9.69″ Wide (24.6cm)
Weight3.3lb (1.5 kg)
Stance12.5″ – 23.5″ (31.75cm – 59.69cm)
Jib Training Board Sizing

Balance Bar

The balance bar is made specifically for the Jib Training Board. It is designed to fit both beginners and experts.

Balance Bars are designed to be indestructible, portable, and stylish so you can feed your snowboard addiction year round! 

Snowboard Addiction

Balance Bar consists of two parts Box Slide Base and WTP Rail Extension.

The Box Slide Base is designed to simulate an actual box. Its top is nice and flat, so you can train your jib tricks with ease. It is recommended for beginners to start with it.

If you want to step up, the WTP Rail Extension can be mounted on top of the Box Slide Base. It adds a realistic rail jibbing experience.

Snowboard Addiction Balance Bar Product Video

Training Bindings

Both of these boards are compatible with the special training bindings. They are designed to work specifically with these snowboard training boards, both Tramp and Jib.

These Bindings fit any sized foot, from a children’s size 12.5 – 7 (US), women’s size 4 -12 (US), and men’s 6 – 12.0 (US). Can be used with or without shoes.

Training bindings use the same 4-hole mounting system as most traditional snowboard bindings. Set up your bindings, with the exact same stance-width and angles that you ride the mountain on. Why? So what you practice throwing down in training, seamlessly transitions to the mountain.

Quick entry buckle and ladder system just like real snowboard bindings plus a velcro toe strap to easily and quickly get in and out of these bindings.

They are made with no screws or sharp parts and with the exact same high-density plastic as traditional snowboard bindings meaning they are super durable.

How To Set Up Your Snowboard Addiction Training Board


In conclusion, for enthusiasts of freestyle snowboarding, particularly those passionate about jibbing and park riding, Snowboard Addiction products stand out as the ultimate choice for honing your skills.

Unparalleled in its kind, these training boards authentically replicate the look and feel of a genuine snowboard. Offering the opportunity to practice real tricks with authentic movements and biomechanics, Snowboard Addiction provides a secure environment for skill enhancement.

Regardless of the weather or season, this innovative training solution ensures that you stay in top shape, making it an indispensable companion for any dedicated snowboarder. Elevate your snowboarding experience with Snowboard Addiction and unleash your full potential on the slopes.

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