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If you want to get inspiration or get a piece of advice on surfing – YouTube is the place. These days there are quite a few channels dedicated to surfing that can help you get better at it. In this article, I’d like to share with you an ultimate list of the top surfing YouTube channels.

Surf Strength Coach

Improve Your Body, Improve Your Surfing – Surf Workouts, Surf Training, Surf Fitness

Cris Mills is a certified training instructor and therapist. Surfing is his passion and on his YouTube channel, Cris gives tips on training, stretching, and otherwise improving surfing skills.

Surf Strength Coach’s channel:

How to Rip

Your Paddling Is Ruining Your Pop Up | Surf Lesson

This channel is run by two surfers Ryan B & Kale B. While their main focus is surfing tutorial videos, they also publish some great videos on ocean awareness, quick tips, board reviews, fitness and training.

How to Rip’s channel:


How to Duck Dive Bigger Surfboards & Long-boards Plus other tips

The iSURFTRIBE is a channel of a family that does surfing. They surf, travel, compete and share their adventures on a YouTube. Besides that you’ll find surfing tutorials, testing/reviewing surf and ocean related gear and accessories.

iSURFTRIBE’s channel:

Surf Simply

Surfing Explained: Ep10 Surfboard Materials EPS & PU Foam

Surf Simply is a channel that can break down any surfing topic to every small detail, even if it’s complex. Their content consist mainly of their own surf camp videos, tips, fitness and discussing surfing questions.

Surf Simply’s channel:

Surf Insight

Surf Insight : Finish your ride with Style . Board Control

The Surf Insight channel has been created to help people improve, not only surfing but also expand their surf knowledge. You’ll find videos on surf fitness, techniques, tips, and all sorts of surf stuff.

Surf Insight’s channel:

Jamie O’Brien


Jamie O’Brien is a professional surfer. He now runs a YouTube channel where he publishes mostly entertainment content. On Jamies channel you’ll find mostly vlogs and fun side of the surfing.

Jamie O’Briens’s channel:

Koa Rothman


Koa is a great surfer who rides big waves and does lots of travel. If you’re into travel and surfing barrels you’ll find some great vlogs on Koa’s channel for inspiration and fun.

Koa Rothman’s channel:


Soli Bailey’s Huge Lien Grab Wins Best Clip For August 2020 | SURFER Magazine

The SURFER magazine’s channel has been on YouTube since its dawn in 2005. Ever since they published the best surfing content there are competitions, challenges, interviews, surf spots, reviews, you name it.

SURFER’s channel:

Surf Rinse Repeat

“Pacific Dreams” A California Surfing Film

Surf Rinse Repeat is a relatively small YouTube channel, yet they create some good surfing movies for you to get inspired.

Surf Rinse Repeat’s channel:


The WEDGE – Best Wipeouts Summer 2020 – SMOOOKIFIED !!!

BEEFS T.V. is great entertainment and inspiration channel. It showcases everything from surfing, friends, waves, softboarding, skimboarding, boogie boarding , eat-its, kooks and anything else around the beaches of Southern California.

BEEFS T.V.’s channel:

Alana Blanchard and Jack Freestone

Day in the life of PRO SURFERS on North Shore of OAHU | Summer time |

Alana Blanchard and Jack Freestone is a surfing family from Hawaii. Alana and Jack surf, travel, train, raise kids and have fun while sharing their adventures on YouTube.

Alana Blanchard and Jack Freestones’s channel:

Kai Lenny

11 waves in a row flying on a HYDROFOIL for 6 minutes!

Kai Lenny is a professional water sports athlete from Hawaii. He does some crazy stunts and tricks on his channel, make sure to check him out, the videos are super fun. He’s doing surfing, windsurfing, wing surfing, kiteboarding, and more.

Kai Lenny’s channel:

John John Florence

26 waves from home

John John Florence is a professional surfer, 2x World Champion, 2021 Olympic athlete, sailor, and filmmaker. His channel features surf movies and parts for the most part. He travels a lot and meets awesome people, so some interesting interviews are also available.

John John Florence’s channel:

Ho Stevie!


Stevie has his own surf gear and a YouTube channel. He’s passionate about surfing and the thing he does. Stevie mostly publishing vlog-type videos, but you’ll also find how-to’s, reviews, spots, and surfing videos.

Ho Stevies’s channel:


I’ve tried my best to put this list of surfing YouTube channels together based on the channel size and the content it produces. It is hard to list all at once, even impossible.

Did I forget anything? Let me know in the comments what other surfing YouTube channels are worth being on the list. I’ll do my best to constantly update this list with more awesome channels. Make sure to bookmark it and check from time to time to find more cool stuff.

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