Whirly Board Spinning Board and Agility Trainer Review

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Whirly Board Spinning Board is a device that takes balancing into a three-dimensional space. Unlike other balance boards, a Whirly Board’s unique design allows you to balance in all sides as well as to make 360 spins.

Story of the Whirly Board

A balance board was created by the board sports and outdoor activity enthusiast Erik M. Olsen. He started this company in his own garage in a small town in Wisconsin back in 2014.

Erik M. Olsen had problems with spinning on a snowboard and wakeboard. So he came up with an idea and that is to attach a half bowling ball to a skateboard deck.

Later he also attached half pool balls on the tips of a board for more control. That way he could practice spinning and maintaining a balance.


Unlike other balance board types, this balance board doesn’t really fall into any of the known categories. Its design makes it a standalone balance board.

The spherical shape of the fulcrum allows rotation freely in all three dimensions. While side fulcrums add more control and feel to the experience.

Whirly Board welcome video

All three balance points allow you to spin 360° for a three-dimensional balance immersion, engaging a multitude of muscle groups simultaneously, thus achieving perfect balance.

Whirly Board

Whirly Board is a perfect balance board for board sports enthusiasts and athletes. Whether you do snowboarding, wakeboarding, skateboarding, or even surfing. Now you can practice spinning, tricks, and improve balance, and muscle memory.


The Whirly Board Spinning Board will improve your:

  • balance;
  • agility;
  • spatial awareness;
  • initiation of spins;
  • handle passes for wakeboarding;
  • and strengthen core muscles.

This board is suited for intermediate to advanced levels of difficulty.


Currently, the Whirly Board Spinning Board deck consists of a quality 8-ply Canadian Maple skateboard deck. To prevent the board from slipping the deck is covered by the material of your choice: standard grip tape or Eco-friendly cork rubber.

Standard grip tape
Whirly Board standard grip tape
Cork rubber grip tape
Whirly Board cork rubber grip tape

The shape of the board is a standard skateboard deck which adds up to the overall feel and aesthetics, especially if you’re into skateboarding.

If you’re using the standard grip tape, it’s recommended to wear shoes for safety. This will give you more of a skateboard feel.

But if you prefer to go barefoot I suggest going with the cork rubber grip tape. It will not scratch your feet and it feels good.


On the bottom of the board, there are three fulcrums, one in the center and two on the sides (nose and tail).

The big one in the center is molded from high-density polyethylene (HDPE).

The ones on the side are made from durable urethane rubber. The material is similar to a very hard skateboard wheel.

Whirly Board bottom
Whirly Board bottom

The central half-sphere is the main balancing point, while the side balancing point provides additional control and gives a sense of safety.

The half-spheres are very durable and come in different colors.

Whirly Board Spinning Board
Whirly Board Spinning Board


Weight5lbs (2.2 kg)
Dimensions32 × 8 × 4 in (81 × 20 × 10 cm)
Center Ball ColorsAtomic Orange, Fugi Green, New Moon Black, Purple Storm
Grip TapeBlack Speckled Cork Rubber Grip, Plain Cork Rubber Grip, Skateboard Style Grip
Weight limit500lbs (226.7kg)
Whirly Board Spinning Board specs


This is not your average wobble board. Whirly Board Spinning Board is designed with board sports in mind. So if you’re into skateboarding, snowboarding, surfing, and wakeboarding (especially freestyle), then it’s the best choice for you.

Perfect for training spinning in a safe environment and improving your overall body balance and spacial awareness.

On the downside, you cannot do much more on this board than just spinning. Other balance board models offer a much larger number of exercises and tricks you can do.

This board is suited for intermediate to advanced levels of difficulty.

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